Blab English by Immersion and Practice

Can you express yourself in English?

The English we have in school might teach us grammar, some vocabulary, and phrases that you’ll probably never use or hear.

But can you really express your thoughts in English?

I created Blab to help you develop the confidence and communication skills you need to reach your goals. You will learn real English that you can use today for your travels, for work, to study abroad or just for fun!

As I mention in the video, I became fluent in English at the age of 15 by consuming content about topics that interested me and forcing myself to speak English. I want to replicate this experience for you by offering access to content about your interests in English and creating a judgment-free environment for you to practice!

So how does it work?


You will receive an e-mail with content about the topic of the week. This can be videos, articles, key vocabulary, pronunciation tips, audio recordings, podcasts, etc.

The e-mail may also include homework so you can start thinking about the topic.


We will have a pre-booked 45-minutes video call in which we will discuss the topic of the week.

I will ask you questions and encourage you to speak while also correcting you and showing you better ways of expressing your ideas.


After the video call, I will send you an audio message on Whatsapp with feedback on what you can improve upon and show you how you are progressing.

You will also be part of a Whatsapp group in which you can discuss the topic of the week with other Blabbers.

What do Blabbers say?

“I like it 100%. It’s a nice way to improve my English. Andrea always sends you a newsletter to discuss in class and also some extra tips. I recommend!”

“Blab is the most intelligent system of English conversation I have known in my entire life. I have all autonomy to choose my study topics and Andrea is really supportive and non-judgmental about my mistakes. I really appreciate the fact to receive feedback about my performance just after each conversation session. I’m so grateful for being a Blabber. Thank you Andrea you are perfect!”

“I like the way that Andrea manages the classes and the newsletter. I just moved abroad and I’m having a great opportunity to improve my speaking skills in English.”

And how much is it?

R$ 60 reais

(Price per week – you can have it weekly, every other week, or whenever you want!)

  • E-mail with content in English and homework
  • 45-minute video call
  • Feedback on Whatsapp and access to the Blabbers group.

*Price for Brazilians. Payment by bank transfer or PIX. For other nationalities, please get in touch with me!

Let’s get this conversation started!

Get in touch via the form or Whatsapp.

I’ll get back in touch with you within 1-3 days.